Our Story

We love street food. It’s delicious, messy, real and it doesn’t break the bank. It’s also an essential part of experiencing a country’s culture.

In Thailand, you have street food vendors lining the streets selling all kinds of Thai street food and drinks. What we’re trying to do here at Soi 55 is to bring a taste of the Thai street snack & drink culture to Singapore. First through our pop-up stalls at farmers markets and flea markets, and now at The Cathay where you can buy our drinks and snacks and bring them into the cinema (legitimately!) for your movie!

At Soi 55, we offer time-honoured traditional Thai iced and hot teas & coffees – just like the kinds you’d get off the streets of Thailand (but less sweet, of course – yes, we heard you!).

We are also available for events – you can hire us for your birthday parties, weddings, baby showers or corporate events. Having a mobile tea wagon at your event is a great way to spice things up. Otherwise, we also accept bulk orders – we can deliver between 50 to 3000 cups of our yummy thai teas and coffees right to your door step for all your parties, events and get-togethers!